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1984 - Runaway, She Don’t Know Me
1985 - In And Out Of Love, Only Lonely, Silent Night
1986 - You Give Love A Bad Name, Livin’ On A Prayer
1987 - Wanted Dead Or Alive, Never Say Goodbye, Wild In The Streets
1988 - Bad Medicine, Born To Be My Baby
1989 - I’ll Be There For You, Living In A Sin, Lay Your Hands On Me, Blood On Blood

1992 - Keep The Faith
1993 - Bed Of Roses, In These Arms, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, I Believe
1994 - If I Was Your Mother, Dry County, Always, Please Come Home From Christmas, 
Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
1995 - Something For The Pain, Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White, This Ain’t A Love Song, Lie To Me
1996 - These Days, Hey God
1999 - Real Life

2000 - It’s My Life, Say It Isn’t So, Thank You For Loving Me
2001 - One Wild Night
2002 - Everyday, Misunderstood
2003 - All About Lovin’ You
2005 - Have A Nice Day, Who Says You Can’t Go Home, Who Says You Can’t Go Home (ft. Jennifer Nettles)
2006 - Welcome To Wherever You Are
2007 - (You Want To) Make A Memory, Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore, Lost Highway
2008 - Whole Lot Of Leavin’
2009 - We Weren’t Born To Follow
2010 - Superman Tonight, When We Were Beautiful, What Do You Got?

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